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70 Years of Print & Still Growing!


Today, The Mohr Brothers carry on the tradition of excellence their father – Justin; began 70 years ago in the heart of Syracuse's Eastwood District!

The key to creating work that's both beautiful and effective is an art. An art that can only be mastered by those with a passion and a dedication to their craft. For three generations, we've been mastering the art of fine printing. We've incorporated innovative technologies to improve the quality and efficiency of our printing process. We've brought skilled men and women together who challenge each other to create superior printing. But, most importantly, Eastwood Litho, Inc. offers you something no printer can – their reputation”.   

                                                                                                                                                               April 2016

New Services

In 2016 we took the plunge into the world of promotional items & apparel!

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Today's print marketplace is a tough one to navigate, and more and more we're seeing our clients moving toward a more consultative approach in their print buying.  As our customer's looked for trusted relationships with vendors whom they could rely on for beautiful quality every time, knowing tight deadlines would be met and resolving bumps in the print road quickly and efficiently, they looked to us to expand our services....and we listened!


"Different problems demand different solutions. If you have a short deadline, for example, we'll work it out. If you need help setting up your files or fixing them, we'll talk you through it. If you need to work within a tight budget, we'll offer options. At Eastwood Litho, Inc. we want to be partners in your success. By offering solutions instead of problems we can establish a relationship that both of us can benefit from".


You know us for print, now get to know us for all of your promotional items and apparel!

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